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Introducing our new range of furniture in collaboration with Ditre Italia in store now.

Each product tells the story of 40 years of history, tied to artisan upholstery tradition, created by the De Marchi brothers in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto. Their workshop became an increasingly tight ship and, in response to demand for a customised product, it grew into an important manufacturing company. In addition to its business acumen, Ditre Italia confirms, year on year, its aptitude for detail and its artisan skill that make its collections stand out. The story of our past is what distinguishes our today.

Ditre Italia manufacture high-quality products, respecting the strictest of regulations in terms of raw material supplies and the production cycle; this is why we only use first-choice leather and cutting-edgete chnology. Quality features in every stage of the cycle, in line with the criteria for creating a truly excellent product.

Sanders QLS

Sanders Air

Sanders evolves into the Air version: raised from the floor on an elegant, metal base, it takes on an exclusive personality that preserves its versatility.

Sanders Air can be used to stylishly and elegantly furnish domestic and hospitality spaces such as lounges, waiting rooms and executive offices thanks to its ability to offer two-sided arrangements.


An evergreen sofa, this new version is enhanced by a quilted structure and new, tubular feet.

A clear reinterpretation of the most refined Art Decò style that has always beautified the most stylish homes in the world.

Flick Flack


Il design inconfondibile è tratto dal pensiero di Anna von Schewen, designer scandinava, amante della cura della confezione ma ispirata da una poesia che coglie tutto lo spirito della tradizione nordica legata alla pulizia delle forme esaltata dalla cura del dettaglio.


Un cuscino su un cuscino ed una panca. I dettagli dei bordi aggiungono una percezione visiva oltre che tattile di tessuto. Il meccanismo silenzioso consente di alzare tutti i cuscini per un completo relax del corpo, moduli asimmetrici confermano una visione contemporanea del progetto che può anche collocarsi in spazi di grosse dimensioni e su living centro stanza.


With its black nickel finish metal frame and its wooden armrests, Daytona is the perfect armchair for important places. Both the bedroom and the living will be enhanced by the unmistakable personality of this masterpiece.


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